Tsvangirai: Diplomacy or Cowardice?

More than a decade has passed since the creation of the organization that now represents opposition politics in Zimbabwe. One wonders whether Tsvangirai is a master of political cowardice or diplomacy. The author of this piece will not hide behind issues of objectivism or non-partisanship. He has been behind Tsvangirai for as long as he can remember. The traditional cultural experience of the Shona culture teaches humility, sacrifice and respect. It also teaches us diplomacy before conflict or war. All these principles have been inculcated into our lifestyle and veins and it has not been that difficult for a few individuals to take advantage of our sense of respect and our humility. Mugabe like all evil philosophers knows that no sane Zimbabwean individual will dare sacrifice their life for the benefit of the nation. A friend told me that the Shona people are natural cowards. I dont know how far true his statement is, but i know that we have tolerated brutality for a very long time. Fear is now a way of life and we are slowly aiding the old man in believing him and his followers’ lies that he is the supreme leader. A real leader can never claim supremacy over the people he cares about and loves.

Tsvangirai has done everything possible in his capacity to free the Zimbabwean people out of bondage. Our profound  cowardice and respect made him the only individual in the past decade worth of mentioning in terms of efforts at fighting dictatorial antics.

I am really tired right now, it is upon all of you to come up with own judgment and conclusion……..


My New Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe is cruising on a new chapter but it is also enlightening itself. It is true that Mugabe is controlling everything at the moment. Those who placed all their wealth and faith in the old guy are doomed. My prayer to all the real Zimbabweans who believe in peace and prosperity is that Dictatorship will take us half way but at the end of the day, we still have to think.  Its all about fate, like it or not the old man is going down the drain.

I wish i could translate this song.( Maruza imi)

Chinx you wasted your time!

but i will translate everything!

The Blog

This class i can say was more like my fist IT class. it was my first formal class in information technology. It opened up a new world of IT terminology uses and brought me to a better understanding of the advantages that Information technology can have on one’s academic and professional career or even social life.

The first class was difficult and i thought i was not going to survive another one but surprisingly i did and enjoyed it in the end.  This made me not only think as someone who is only going to work for the public but also with knowledge on how one can use IT to do work and understand the fast pace at which the world is changing. The blog was a great way for me to write about what i think and believe about certain academic or professional ideas and topics.

Discussions on the articles written by Nicholas Carr where pretty much fascinating. His views though not popular with many people are something i believe an academic should consider. He notes that IT is now more of a commodity, important for operation but not effective for competitiveness. I believe this can be true for countries like the US but for countries in Africa South of the Sahara it is a different case. To these people IT is not just a commodity but an instrument for absolute advantage.

The class also had a discussion on how safe one can be on the internet. Twitter and facebook are brilliant networking sites but somehow the question of online security still remains.

Discussions in class where somehow interesting though most of the time  it was difficult for me to understand the  IT teminology used. In the fourth week we had to define some IT terms like the 3 way handshake, Traceroute and DNS. I can only say that i managed to comprehend what a couple of the terms mean and i guess will be able to use them terms in the near future if i come across them.

Best Way to Get information

With the advent and spreading of information technology. I believe the first thing to do is  to get into the internet where one gets information fast. The best way for me to get academic information is to read journals, article and textbook. It is difficult for me to read something on the computer and understand it. I must put it on paper first.  In terms of presentations i think that having visual aids also helps elaborating a certain points.

Written information is difficult to comprehend most of the times and thats what makes studying difficult, hence presentations help us understand that which we did not understand after reading dozens of pages of books.

I would finally say that presentations are the best method of getting information especially when the presenter  is interacting with the audience.


What is a computer worm


A computer worm is a software program that is designed to copy itself from one computer to another, without human interaction. Unlike a computer virus, a worm can copy itself automatically.

Worms can replicate in great volume. For example, a worm can send out copies of itself to every contact in your e-mail address book, and then it can send itself to all of the contacts in their e-mail address books.

Some worms spread very quickly. They clog networks and can cause long waits for you (and everyone else) to view Web pages on the Internet.

You might have heard of specific computer worms, including the Sasser worm and the Blaster worm. The most recent worm is called the Conficker worm


Computer Worms are reproducing programs that run independently and travel across network connections. The main difference between viruses and worms is the method in which they reproduce and spread.

A virus is dependent upon a host file or boot sector, and the transfer of files between machines to spread, while a worm can run completely independently and spread itself through network connections.

An example of a worm is the famous internet worm of 1988: Overnight the worm copied itself across the internet, infecting every Sun-3 and VAX system with so many copies of itself that the systems were unusable. Eventually several sites disconnected themselves from the internet to avoid reinfection.

Different types of Computer Worms.

Email Worms
Spreading goes via infected email messages. Any form of attachment or link in an email may contain a link to an infected website. In the first case activation starts when the user clicks on the attachment while in the second case the activation starts when clicking the link in the email.

Known methods to spread are:
– MS Outlook services
– Direct connection to SMTP servers using their own SMTP API
– Windows MAPI functions

This type of worms is known to harvest an infected computer for email addresses from different sources.
– Windows Address Book database [WAB]
– MS Outlook address book
– Files with appropriate extensions will be scanned for email like strings

Be aware that during spreading some worms construct new sender addresses based on possible names combined with common domain names. So, the sender address in the email doesn’t need to be the originator of the email.

Instant Messaging Worms
The spreading used is via instant messaging applications by sending links to infected websites to everyone on the local contact list. The only difference between these and email worms is the way chosen to send the links.

Internet Worms
Nasty ones. These ones will scan all available network resources using local operating system services and/or scan the Internet for vulnerable machines. Attempt will be made to connect to these machines and gain full access to them.

Another way is that the worms scan the Internet for machines still open for exploitation i.e. not patched. Data packets or requests will be send which install the worm or a worm downloader. If succeeded the worm will execute and there it goes again!

IRC Worms
Chat channels are the main target and the same infection/spreading method is used as above – sending infected files or links to infected websites. Infected file sending is less effective as the recipient needs to confirm receipt, save the file and open it before infection will take place.

File-sharing Networks Worms
Copies itself into a shared folder, most likely located on the local machine. The worm will place a copy of itself in a shared folder under a harmless name. Now the worm is ready for download via the P2P network and spreading of the infected file will continue.

Epic 2015

Epic 2015 a flash movie created in 2004 begins with the invention of the World Wide Web in 1998 and it takes us to an imagined 2015 where googlezon a merger between google and amazon rules the media industry. I believe with the swift pace in which technological changes are occuring something like what Sloan and thompson imagined will happen. There is a growing mass distrust of the media especially established papers like New York Times and nothing will stop google from capitalizing on this distrust. The filtering of news for individual internet users is already happening.

Week 3 googlezon

Week 3  went on to be a raging debate over personal security and anonimity of individuals on the internet.  New social networking sites like “twitter” have become part of the everyday life of so many individuals but some people believe  it is invading people’s privacy, a sentiment that was echoed by some of my classmates. I got to learn more about how “google get (to be) so smart”, how it intergrates information coming in from different sources. I was also thrilled by crowdsourcing and mass collaboration which are the idea behind Wikipedia. i believe mere formalities and so called professionalism ripes off the credit that Wikipedia deserves. I agree with most of my classmates that wikipedia is not as bad as it is sometimes suggested. Wikipedia is the first port of call to enlighten one to any new concept they intend to know about.

We did not discuss Nicholas Carr’s Article “Is google making us stupid” in class but it was too interesting for me just to leave it out of this blog. I agree with Carr that google’s desire is to know what humans want which is a great goal or  ambition BUT by the time they get to the core of human desires, needs, wants or whatever they can be, humans will seize to exist. We will only experience this perceived google era as robots not human beings!!