Tsvangirai: Diplomacy or Cowardice?

More than a decade has passed since the creation of the organization that now represents opposition politics in Zimbabwe. One wonders whether Tsvangirai is a master of political cowardice or diplomacy. The author of this piece will not hide behind issues of objectivism or non-partisanship. He has been behind Tsvangirai for as long as he can remember. The traditional cultural experience of the Shona culture teaches humility, sacrifice and respect. It also teaches us diplomacy before conflict or war. All these principles have been inculcated into our lifestyle and veins and it has not been that difficult for a few individuals to take advantage of our sense of respect and our humility. Mugabe like all evil philosophers knows that no sane Zimbabwean individual will dare sacrifice their life for the benefit of the nation. A friend told me that the Shona people are natural cowards. I dont know how far true his statement is, but i know that we have tolerated brutality for a very long time. Fear is now a way of life and we are slowly aiding the old man in believing him and his followers’ lies that he is the supreme leader. A real leader can never claim supremacy over the people he cares about and loves.

Tsvangirai has done everything possible in his capacity to free the Zimbabwean people out of bondage. Our profound  cowardice and respect made him the only individual in the past decade worth of mentioning in terms of efforts at fighting dictatorial antics.

I am really tired right now, it is upon all of you to come up with own judgment and conclusion……..


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