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This class i can say was more like my fist IT class. it was my first formal class in information technology. It opened up a new world of IT terminology uses and brought me to a better understanding of the advantages that Information technology can have on one’s academic and professional career or even social life.

The first class was difficult and i thought i was not going to survive another one but surprisingly i did and enjoyed it in the end.  This made me not only think as someone who is only going to work for the public but also with knowledge on how one can use IT to do work and understand the fast pace at which the world is changing. The blog was a great way for me to write about what i think and believe about certain academic or professional ideas and topics.

Discussions on the articles written by Nicholas Carr where pretty much fascinating. His views though not popular with many people are something i believe an academic should consider. He notes that IT is now more of a commodity, important for operation but not effective for competitiveness. I believe this can be true for countries like the US but for countries in Africa South of the Sahara it is a different case. To these people IT is not just a commodity but an instrument for absolute advantage.

The class also had a discussion on how safe one can be on the internet. Twitter and facebook are brilliant networking sites but somehow the question of online security still remains.

Discussions in class where somehow interesting though most of the time  it was difficult for me to understand the  IT teminology used. In the fourth week we had to define some IT terms like the 3 way handshake, Traceroute and DNS. I can only say that i managed to comprehend what a couple of the terms mean and i guess will be able to use them terms in the near future if i come across them.


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