Week 3 googlezon

Week 3  went on to be a raging debate over personal security and anonimity of individuals on the internet.  New social networking sites like “twitter” have become part of the everyday life of so many individuals but some people believe  it is invading people’s privacy, a sentiment that was echoed by some of my classmates. I got to learn more about how “google get (to be) so smart”, how it intergrates information coming in from different sources. I was also thrilled by crowdsourcing and mass collaboration which are the idea behind Wikipedia. i believe mere formalities and so called professionalism ripes off the credit that Wikipedia deserves. I agree with most of my classmates that wikipedia is not as bad as it is sometimes suggested. Wikipedia is the first port of call to enlighten one to any new concept they intend to know about.

We did not discuss Nicholas Carr’s Article “Is google making us stupid” in class but it was too interesting for me just to leave it out of this blog. I agree with Carr that google’s desire is to know what humans want which is a great goal or  ambition BUT by the time they get to the core of human desires, needs, wants or whatever they can be, humans will seize to exist. We will only experience this perceived google era as robots not human beings!!


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